My first time with my best friends

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My first time with my best friends

One friday me and two of my friends were heading to the school parking lot talking. we decided that we were going to hang out that night. so later that night I decided to take a shower before leaving. when I got in I felt my penis begin to grow hard and thoughts of Dale on my friends was going through my head.

Dale was 59 has /blonde/">blonde hair kind of shy and very /athletic/">athletic. he is pretty built with a nice six pack.

I have never had any gay thoughts because I was straight. but I went with the thoughts and stroked my dick. I closed my eyes and the images of Dale kept going through my head. after a while I felt myself about cum so I let myself finish then clean up and get out of the shower.
When I was leaving my house, and finishing packing, I did not know exactally what we would be doing but usually we go around the city and find girls so I packed some condoms just incase. as I walked out the door I saw Jakes car with dale in the passenger seat. as I walked up I couldnt look at dale the same. I wanted him to get out the car and take off all of his clothes and fuck me. but he was straight, too /bad/">bad I guess.

as we started driving the music indian santali xvideo was turned up too loud to talk at all so we all just sat back and waited to get to Jakes house. after a ten minute drive we arrived and then jake mentioned that his parents were out of town. so I got sortof excited and we walked into the house and into jakes room so me and dale could put our stuff down.

i walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water when I saw jake walk out of his room without a shirt on. I felt my cock begin to get hard so I leaned against the counter so no one could see it and contnued to drink my water.

i heard dale moaning and then say im gunna cum and he did all over his chest due to the position he was in. then jake stood up and said thats okay I will clean it for you as he knealed down and licked it up. as this happened I began to get more and more horny so my cock exploded all over my hands and the floor.

Jake looked over and then he and dale both walked over to me and picked me up off the ground, the insisted that the three of us have sex. so I didnt argue and started to jack off dale and jake while jake jacked me off and dale started by fingering my ass. after a while dale pushed me over onto the couch and lubed my ass and alain lyle porn stuck two then three then four fingers into my ass. I sat there moaning more and more thinking that I really wanted this. as I waited dale put his small 5.5 inch cock into me and I was not pleasured so he started to pump hard and fast until jake made him move and shoved his 7.5 inch cock into my ass it gelt so nice as I moaned really loud and made dale come over so I could suck his cock. he didnt argue and jumped in front of me.

for the rest of the night we fucked and fucked no matter how tired we were.