Lifes unusual pathway to love sex and the future

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Lifes unusual pathway to love sex and the future

Well like every thing there must be a beginning and an end.

When i was a male virgin I was playing truant from high school and this day I went to a nearby river to do a spot of fishing.

I had not been there very long when a man approached me and told me I was fishing in the wrong spot and that the best spot was under the road bridge a little further along. I said thank you and moved to where he had suggested not expecting to come with me > however he did so I just went about my fishing showing him total regard.

The fish I feel had gone on holiday and as they weren't biting I sat down to have a sandwich and a drink. At this point he came and sat beside me talking small talk which eventually got around to sex. Now this was my favourite subject not knowing a thing about it or its components.

His hand very slowly moved to unbutton my shorts to which I was very surprised and said so. He didn't answer but pulled my penis out and started rubbing it gently up and down. Now I might not have know anything about sex but my penis did and quickly grew and hardened surprising even me.

I asked him to stop when I felt the need for a 'pee' but no he just kept rubbing it even faster than before until I finally ejected ( my /first-time/">first time) and even though embarrassed I did enjoy the experience.
We kept meeting each day him rubbing me and I him.

After a while he arrived with a girl told me she was a friend and wanted to join in with us. Shock number 2 she lay down between us and he started to remove all her clothing. Dress bra nickers and all.
He took her hand and placed it on my penis with the instruction of you know what to do with it and she did. My hand he placed on her breasts.
After a while the girl who was bokep sma pecah perawan very wet between the legs climbed on top of me and inserted my penis right up between her groin .

In I went up as far as I could go and just about immediately I blew.
Well so much for that soon after I turned 18 I met my first wife and we were happy. Along came the first a lovely /daughter/">daughter, then a /son/">son then tragic event took place they were all killed in a car accident.
I wasn't there at the time.

I went and stayed at a friend's place whom I knew well - then one night I went out into the kitchen to help his wife with the dishes.

I stood beside her, she took her hands out of the water dried them put her arms around my neck and kissed me, I was surprised even further when one of her hands went down and started rubbing my penis first inside my pants then she took it out and placed it in and near her /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet and very excited hairy entrance. One shove and I was inside and I got right inside. Well she got really excited about this and one evening she invited her younger ( also married) sister to come and join us for an exciting often there after repeated three some.

After my second wife died of cancer ( we were together nearly 30 years) I met a divorced lady who had the most wonderful appetite for sex I had ever known. Morning, night, afternoon, inside the house outside any where. Her skin was silky soft. She had her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts reduced and she thought her nipples would not be sensitive but how wrong she was. One touch with a finger or tongue and she was away.

All this is great you might say but on recounting just today I have had the pleasure of being with and indulging in all kinds of sexual old waman xxxgx activities with a least 35 girls//women/">women, ranging from 18 to 61.
My second wife liked the swinging scene and was curious about and having sex with all size dogs.

This last lady and I went to a "/party/">party" and it lasted 3 days in which she was 'sexed all over ' by no less than 29 men and 5 girls/women.
Now as age is creeping up on me I love to undress, bed, stroke cuddle and have sex about once every week - time waits for no man.
My field of enterprise has including many nurses, single and married ladies,many various partner and ages at swinging parties.

In conclusion I look back on that first day by the river and say thank you 'sir' for opening the doorway to an interesting and exciting lifestyle.
Still looking to please many more girls/ladies...