The three women

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The three women

I hadnt known Monica for long, when she invited me. It was a very casual aquaintence: She just came up to me one night in a club. We got talking. She seemed very aimiable, and was very keen to keep in touch. I liked her, and was happy to oblige. We had only met for coffee, or lunch a handful of times, when she invited me to her "little place" for "drinks, and to meet some friends, I think youll like, very much".

It took half an hour from the city to reach her enormous, secluded "little place".
"Youre the first to arrive" she said, when she answered the door. "The others will arrive soon enough". She handed me a Vodka and orange "Lets toast new friends" she said
"New friends, I repeated".

We sat on the sofa chatting, when I began to feel very lightheaded. I must have drifted of, because the next thing I remember was waking suddenly.
"I think someones back in the land of the living" came a voice I didnt recognise. I was feeling disorientated, and tried to get up. It wasnt until then that I noticed, I was on porn videos download the floor, my hands bound behind my back, my /feet/">feet bound, and a gag over my mouth. Three /women/">women stood over me, one, Monica, i recognised. One kept her head to the ground, and seemed very shy. The third frightened me - she was larger than the rest, and seemed in control. She leant towards me, grabbed my hair with her left hand, and pulled my head back. She grabbed my jaw with the other, and whispered to me "youre going to be a good girl and do exactly what we say, arent you?". Slowly, I nodded. "Good. Now, im going to take your gag off, and youre not going to scream, right?" She removed my gag, and the cord binding me. I sat, for a moment rubbing my wrists and ankles. "Now, get undressed" she said. "I said, undress" she repeated. I began to remove my clothes.

They led me to another room, upstairs. There was a larger, sturdy table in the middle of the room. "Lie down" said the woman in control. I lay on my down. She placed a small pillow behind my back.
"Sara, tie her down" she said, holding the cord out.
"Yes, Jo" the quieter woman answered. It seemed pointless to tie me up, again. There was nothing I could do to escape. And the three of them could surely hold me down. But, she wanted me tied up.
All three began to strip. "Its pretty obvious what were going to do to you" said Jo. She walked round to the side of the table. She began to rub my vagina with two fingers, until I was wet. Then she inserted first one, then the other finger. My half hearted cries of "stop" slowly turned into moans, as, I couldnt help myself from enjoying the sensation. As I began to speed up my moans, she pushed her fingers deeper and faster. All the time she was talking "You like this, dont you /bitch/">bitch?" Despite myself, I couldnt help liking it.
After a short pause: "Sarah, your turn".
Sarah came round the bottom of the table. The first thing I felt was her breath against my hair. Then a tongue, parting the lips of my vagina. She was gentle. She played with my clit. Her licks became longer. Then her tongue entered me deep. "Sarah, stop" said Jo. I knew what she was doing, but couldnt help myself. "No! Dont stop, please dont make her stop". Jo let Sarah continue licking me, her tongue probbing deep, until I came.

Then Monicas turn. She mounted the table, on top of me. She began with my breasts. My nipples were already hard, and she sucked, licked, and bit them. Then she began to move her head down. But, rather than the tongue I was expecting, she pushed one of her breasts inside of me. She rubbed it round, then came back up, covered in my juices. She looked at me smiling. "Now, lick your juice" she said, and pushed her breast into my face. She put her hand behind the back of my head, and pulled guided me to her breast. "Youve tasted yours. Now mine". She moved up, and kneeled over my neck. She pushed her groin forward. I hesitated. Jo coughed, to remind me of my promise to "do exactly what we say". I began to lick. Monica started moaning, and I became aware of either Jo or Sarah fingering me. We were all working to the same rhythm. I was licking Monica to the rhythm of the finger, Monicas moans were in rhythm too, all of us getting faster, untill we both came, simultaneously.

I xxx was untied. Monica and Sarah began to dress. I thought the whole thing was over. "One more" said Jo, before forcing me to my knees. She grabbed onto my hair, and pushed my head to her groin. I began to lick. I remembered what Sarah did when she licked me, and tried to copy her - I played with Jos clit, /tickling/">tickling her, to begin with, before probbing deeper, and faster, into her vagina. I remember thinking that she tasted different to Monica. I wanted Sarah to finger me, so that I would come along with Jo, but, only Jo came this time. When she had come, she told me to dress, and leave.

That was the last I saw of Monica. I didnt want to talk about it to anyone. I couldnt figger out my feelings about the experience. When I think of Jo, forcing me down, I feel sick. But, I still finger myself, sometimes, and try to imagine its Sarahs tongue.