I saw stars part one

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
I saw stars part one

I always thought that college would be a time for study, work and occasional flirtation with boys. I remember being of my first lesbian "feelings" at the tender age of 16. My was not of any of my friends, but of a stranger. I didn't know her at all, but she sat across from the lunch table. She was petite and blonde and popular. I remember staring at her and wanting to know what she looked like...naked. This was wierd for me. I had a boyfriend and had always liked boys, but this girl could make me drool just as much. Two years passed...and I started college at a university. I had an apartment with a roommate. We started to go to parties with this one group of guys. They were in a band and my roommate liked one of them. My boyfriend of three years was back home. 100 miles away...I flirted with the boys, but never did more than kiss.

i met Jessica at one of the parties. She was the most beautiful one's there. I immediately felt a heat coming from her...it was more than friendly. I couldn't explain it...our eyes met and I felt the "feeling" again. While my roommate was fucking one of the guys in the band in another room, she stepped over and talked to me. She was tall like me, slightly curvier and tan. She had highlighted brown hair and amazing green eyes. She was wearing and expensive tight, black shirt with hip hugger jeans and heels. When she sat next to me I noticed that she smelled like pears. Her hair was up in a pony tail exposing her tan flawless neck. I knew she was highmaintenance much like me. We had a similar build...soft and narrowish hips. The guys loved us coming to the parties, because we added the heat. I was much more pale, but I take pride in my skin and it is soft and my hair is long, black and is like silk (it is my favorite feature). My gauzy shirt clung to my sweaty back. It was hot in there. No air conditioning. I'm sure my roommate was faking her orgasm as we heard the headboard of the bed bang against the wall at the increased tempo.

"whose in there anyway?" jessica asked.
"just my roommate and some guy"
"oh, well sound like she is having a good time!"

"it only sounds that way" i said giving her that you-know-what-i-mean-look.
"oh!" she laughed, exposing her white smile behind a perfect application of lip gloss. "anyway you looked bored."
I looked at her and smiled "you noticed! very observant." She held her beer up to her nose. "its getting warm and nasty, do you want me to refill your cup?" she asked.

"no. i could go for some shots though!" came the unknown brazen voice that was my own.
"well. my kind of girl. let's do it."
We walked into the kitchen and she grabbed the Captain.
"well, this will have to do" she said and grabbed the tiny glasses on the counter. One guy yelled toward us over the speakers "hey lets have xnxxv sunny leone video the two hottest girls kiss! do a shot then kiss!"
"typical men" i said embarrassed.

"what the hell" she said, surprising me. "let's just do it. you said you were bored." my eyes bore into hers and she smiled and passed a full shot to me. "drink up, hottie" and smacked my ass. I laughed and the guys cheered. I was glad my roommate was still in the room. 

"1-2-3..." down went our shots. The alcohol burned and I turned to Jessica egged on by the crowd. I could tell she was shy about it too. She leaned in and I felt her incredibly soft lips touch mine. I fought back the urge to suck on them. Our lips parted and i licked them tasting her gloss.
"Awww! that sucked! I didn't even see tongue!" shouted a drunk idiot. 

Jessica grabbed my hand "come on! we don't have to be crowd monkeys." she grabbed the bottle and we headed outside into the cool summer air. The backyard was huge and partially wooded. The sky was clear and the stars burned bright. we could see where we were going despite the darkness because the moon was full. We walked about 200 feet to the large pond. 

"Well. Thanks." I said. "I was burning up in there" 

"me too...". We both looked down and laughed. I took the bottle and drank deeply. "to new friends..." She grabbed the bottle and did the same. After an uncomfortable silence, she sat closer to me. I could smell her breath, we were both on our way to drunkeness. I'm sure she could feel my goosebumps on my arms and I could feel hers. 

"just a sec" she said and disappeared for a moment. she came back with a blanket. "it was in my car." she explained. As she leaned over to spread the blanket around, I spotted the thong peeking from her jeans...I wanted to see her underneath the stars...naked. This was ! This random girl here with me...the kind of girl that makes my upper lip sweat and my clit hum. I could feel it now and knew I was already moist...what the hell...I wanted this girl! I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

"dang it's hot out!" she said suddenly. "come and sit and bring the bottle!" I obliged and we sat across from eachother indian style. "i looked down and said, "did you like our kiss?" 

She paused for a moment and then looked at me-her emerald eyes seemed to glow in the dark. "more than you think...actually more than I thought I would...I...I have never done this before!" she breathed out and laughed. I did too. "well i feel the same way I guess...but I saw you and thought you were real forced anal against her will so beautiful!" She smiled at this and we looked at eachother. I finally looked away and took another swig of the potent alcohol. I can't believe this is happening... She did the same but felt for my hand..."do you want to feel something?" she asked not-so innocently. 

She placed my hand above the waist of her jeans before I could answer. I my hand found a ridge of skin. I looked at her eyebrows raised. "scar" she said "from barb wire when I was a kid...do you want to see the whole thing?" I could only nod in the moonlight...my mind full of expectation...