His LifeHis Wife Part 2

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
His LifeHis Wife Part 2

This story is completely fictional...All characters and situations are made-up and intended solely for the enjoyment of the readers.

When we last left Frank he had just given his /son/">sons /friend/best-friend/">best friend a blow job. He was told by this 16 year old that he belonged to him and had to set-up his wife to be trapped as well.

After that faithful day, Things went on as usual for about a week. Jake and Daryl /hung/">hung out and there was no mention of the "incident". Frank was beginning to feel comfortable again, the was starting to think that it was over. It was about Friday that his hopes where brought crashing down. Daryl came out of Jakes room, handed Frank a note and went back to his game. Frank slowly opened the note and his fears were confermed. The note said simply "Its time,tomorrow,2pm. Frank knew what this meant, so the next day he got up and took his son fishing, telling his wife theyd be late getting back.

All day, Frank wandered about his wife "Sue" and what might be happening. When Frank and Jake returned home the house was quiet and Jake went straight to bed. Sue was sitting at the desk crying, in front of her was a picture of her hand,holding a dick that Frank knew was Daryls. Sue descibed the exact same senerio that had happened to Frank a week earlier. She said that it wasnt until after her she gave Daryl his blow job, that he showed her the picture of Franks cum soaked face, and told her not to feel lonely. Sue told Frank that she didnt know how theyd gotten into this mess, but now they both had to do as Daryl instructed. Next,she told Frank that they had to send Jake away tomorrow, Daryl would be by to set the rules for this arrangement.

The next day, Jake was sent to relatives and Daryl came by. They all sat on the couch and Daryl started to speak. First of all,he said, Im now the Man of this house. Next,he took the ring from Franks left hand and put it on his neck and squeezed Sues white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie tit; and said "this is my wife". He took the two into the bedroom and they all stripped. He told Sue to lick his balls and Frank to suck his cock all the way down. They both did their jobs, Frank could again smell sweat as his nose was buried in the boys peach fuz at the base of his dick. All of a sudden, he made them stop and told Frank to bend over the bed. Both Sue and Franks eyes got wide and Frank was /scared/">scared to death. He did as he was told and braced himself as Sue applied lotion. All of a sudden, he felt the head of Daryls dick lodged in his asscrack and felt a flood of pain. Just that quick his virginity in that area was gone. He was in great pain as tears rolled down his face. The whole time, Daryl was degrading him with words like; "see what he married Sue, A common /whore/">whore and now hes my whore". After about 10 minutes Frank notice the pain was gone,and he was actually pushing back at the boys thrust. When Daryl came, Frank felt the hot stuff and thought it had reached his stomach.

Then he laid there, both tired and releaved. He had found a side of himself he never knew, a female side. Daryl next informed Frank that from stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv this day on, he was to sleep on the floor at the side of the bed, his spot now belonged to the new man of the house. They couple was to leave the back door open, for easy access in and out in the middle of the night,when Daryl could sneak away from his parents. He said that he was through with Frank from here on out,he would never fuck him again,he was only using him to get what he wanted,"Sue". He would of course use his mouth on occasion,but that was all. Daryl said one last thing as he left the house, "Frank, You are never to sleep with Sue again. A man with a Dick the size of your doesnt deserve it" and besides "This is My Life Now...And this is my wife" he said as he sqeezed Sues tit.

The End